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Ship Management

We understand the importance of uninterrupted availability as our managed fleet performs highly complex operations in remote areas around the globe.

[G] Technical Management

G.1 Cruise Vessel Management

GEO offers full technical management for all types of cruise and passenger vessels. Cruise and passenger vessels managed by GEO are maintained to the highest standards by our in-house team, driven by the aim for greater operating efficiency and commercial success without compromising on safety and quality.




Our experience in the cruise industry completes your destination management. Comprehensive services include:

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Technical operations:

  • External audits & follow-up
  • Emergency response handling
  • Maintenance & repair
  • Certificate & Class follow-up

Handling of exceptions and defaults:

  • Management of change
  • Management of insurance cases

Cruise Operations:

We offer seamless cruise operations in every area of onboard hospitality including hotel management, employment of officers, staff, catering, food & beverage department, crew, entertainers, and other concessionaires.

Marine Services

the best choice is Global Energy Orbit

G.2 Container Ship Management

 GEO  provides technical management solutions for vessels of all sizes in the container sector. 

Container vessels managed by GEO are maintained to the highest standards by our in-house team, driven by the aim of greater operating efficiency and commercial success without compromising on safety and quality.

GEO maintains excellent third-party safety, PSC, and Flag State inspection results. We operate in full compliance with ISM requirements as well as adopted ISO Standards to ensure safe and effective ship management.

We are focused on the safety, stowage, and weight of your containers. We actively participate in container workgroups to champion safe and efficient operations while safeguarding the environment.

G.3 Bulk Carrier Management

GEO  has more than 25 years of experience managing bulk carriers of all sizes with a special focus on maintaining hatch covers, cargo cranes, cargo holds, and ballast tanks. 

Bulk carriers managed by WSM are maintained to the highest standards by our in-house team, driven by the aim of greater operating efficiency and commercial success without compromising on safety and quality.




We emphasize ensuring a seamless port call experience:

We provide accurate and timely reporting of NOA and NOR while ensuring compliance with local port regulations. We also conduct timely testing of all maneuvering and critical equipment.
Consistent and timely
We conduct safe and efficient mooring practices. Our bunker operations include pollution prevention for sustainable seas.
We comply with ISPS Rules and Regulations for safe access to and from the vessel. We also follow the agreed loading and/or discharging plan including effective ballast operation and supervision by officers during the entire port stay.

G.4 Offshore Solution

We have extensive experience to cater to the special needs of offshore assets.

GEO  provides a comprehensive solution to meet specialized upstream offshore needs.

We operate in full compliance with ISM requirements as well as adopted ISO Standards to ensure safe and effective management of offshore assets. As progressive ship managers, we adopt the mindset to continuously improve our processes and systems to create a safe and efficient environment that supports our crew.

Some of

our key expertise

in highly specialized and sophisticated vessels include:




Cable layers vessels

Seismic survey / research vessels

Multipurpose / Well intervention vessels

Spacecraft launch platform

(for the world's only ocean-based space launch company)

[H] Crew Management

H.1 Crew Manning

We are in the business of attracting, developing, and retaining the best set of crew for you. Our management centers are supported by global manning offices to recruit skilled seafarers and coordinate all your crewing needs.








Extensive crewing network and skilled seafarers

With a pool of over 10,800 seafarers and ownership of more than 10 manning offices around the world, we can supply you with a competent crew for your vessels




Our crewing services include:

Coordination of manning offices

crewing needs for the vessel


communication with the client

Training of crew
Follow-up of Protection and Indemnity Insurance
Payroll service
Ensuring compliance according to industry standards

(medical, visa, certificates)

Travel coordination


Our centralized system stores

Crew Management System

all data related to seafarers for efficient monitoring of compliance with mandatory requirements (Flag State, Training, Certificates, Medical, Visa, etc.). All data and documents are filed electronically for compliance check of seafarer’s competence

H.2 Crew Recruitment

GEO Ship Management offers opportunities across a range of vessels. Join us and you will be empowered to carve your career path and discover your true potential with us.

Manning Offices

We have more than 10,800 active seafarers managed by 10 fully owned manning offices in major seafaring nations.

No Recruitment Fees

You should not pay for a job. Let's build an honorable career in maritime together.


I.1 Lay-Up Management

We strongly believe in vessel preservation and maintenance during lay-up. This is essential to ensure vessel performance is optimal when reactivated.

  • Service highlights

Preserve vessel structure and machinery from corrosion and static seizure

Ensure security, safety, and preservation of vessel, its equipment, and the environment

Integrated and seamless processes from arrival to lay-up facility, deactivation to reactivation

  • Lay-up process

Our lay-up processes are certified by DNV-GL and Class NK. The entire process for lay-up is divided into three main activities: deactivation, lay-up, and reactivation.

Main checkpoints when a vessel is laid-up


  • Installment of proper deactivation equipment and systems
  • Relevant spaces are sealed off and dehumidifying machines installed
  • Watertight blanking of underwater openings
  • Demonstration of various emergency equipment
  • Our team is available to assist in the deactivation of machinery
  • Lay-up
  • Periodic inspections (regular testing, inspection, turning, and periodic operation)
  • Continuous preservation
  • Recording all actions in log / monthly report
  • Service and necessary repairs
  • Continuous monitoring by our staff on board
  • 24×7 manned base office


  • Ship staff to join in phases and reactivate the vessel
  • Demobilization of equipment
  • Generator demobilization
  • Unblinking of watertight blanks
  • For cold lay-up reactivation is 7-14 days
  • Our team can also assist with the reactivation

Location, location, location!

  • Our anchorage locations are secure and sheltered from typhoon and monsoon zones
  • Excellent holding ground for your ships to anchor safely

I.2 New Building Supervision

Full project management of your new building from yard evaluation to delivery.

During the ship-building process, there is a high potential to influence the ship’s quality and lifecycle cost. Our project management team of experienced professionals ensures that your vessel is built in accordance with the contract, the specification, the drawings, and governing rules and regulations.

We are committed and driven to protect your interest from the very beginning and deliver a well-built ship that allows you to enjoy lower lifecycle costs.

From Steel Cutting to Delivery

Our site team of experts on the hull, painting, machinery, piping, electrical, automation, cargo containment, and administration, follows the construction schedule closely. They ensure the quality through regular inspections, attend Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT), and attend the final test during the sea trial.

The site team has regular progress reviews with the shipyard to ensure that any non-conformity is followed up by a recovery plan. We conduct scheduled inspections and also patrol worksites to closely monitor safety and quality during construction.

The final ship documents and certificates are carefully reviewed and delivered. Regular progress reports are provided to the owner.

Critical components of new building supervision​

A well-done drawing plan, good site team, and efficient claims handling system are crucial to well-managed new building construction.

Contact us before you place your order

Let us help you to select the right shipyard. With more than 20 shipyards audited in China and Korea, we have a sound understanding of the local culture and a highly skilled permanent team of new building supervision experts. GEO Ship Management is here to ensure your new building is made with quality.


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