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[J] Ship Agency

1. Overview

Providing full agency, husbandry, and protective agency services in 2 200 port locations means you can always have a GEO Port Services ships agent taking care of your interests, wherever in the world it is you do business.

Matching real-time, on-the-ground, local knowledge and expertise with our strict operational standards, whether it is your vessel, crew, cargo, or cash we’re looking after, our agents can be relied on to consistently make your port calls as efficient as possible. We use our expertise to make your everyday life more convenient with workshops and online tools

2. Full Agency - Cargo Operations

When local is not enough Yes, we know you need the local expertise. But, can you be sure that the local expertise is good enough on a global level?


Working with us, you get global solutions in 2 200 ports with local expertise through our Full Agency services. It’s all about standards of operations, predictable pricing, and dedicated people on duty to maximize your fleet’s utilization rate.

With Full Agency, you get:

  • Reliable, predictable, and professional agency people
  • Deep knowledge of cargo operations and how to carefully arrange loading and discharge of specific commodity types
  • An easy and intuitive network directory, so that you can quickly get in touch with our operations team in each port
  • Quality checked and trained agents with a set of KPIs to measure our service performance towards you
  • Pre-agreed agency fees in selective ports
  • Professional Global Agents that handle all DA accounts and financial transactions
  • Solid connections with respective port authorities
  • Safe handling of your crew to secure the welfare of people


Pre-departure planning

Pre-departure planning Pre-arrival Planning We perform pre-arrival planning for your port call, including e.g. coordination of vessel service, cargo, and documentation.

All in-port services

We perform all in-port services needed, like vessel boarding, monitoring of vessel operations, and coordination of booked services, i.e. tank cleaning.

Post departure follow up

We perform thorough follow-ups with information and communication with regard to cost and disbursement accounts.

[K] Husbandry Services

Your partner in port, providing you with tailor-made solutions for your husbandry needs. As a trusted extension of your team, we keep your port stays short and your ships on the move.




Husbandry Services Map

As a trusted extension of your team, our husbandry agents attend to the non-cargo matters of your ship such as crew, inspection, provisioning, and supplies. Explore the various ports for your husbandry needs.

If you are interested in time and cost efficiencies, look for Wilhelmsen to become your partner in port. We understand the key elements of your operations, and with our excellent relationships with both suppliers and authorities, we provide not only a service, but we also provide reliability. Enjoy full transparency from a partner with a focus on governance and compliance.

Our core services

Crew Change

With the unprecedented volumes handled, we are able to offer not only attractive agency fees but also significant savings through our accommodation, transportation, and Launch hire services.


Be reassured that any payments to your Master and crew are handled professionally with the aid of security services wherever necessary. Your funds are safe with us.

Spare parts

With our unique global WSS footprint, we are able to safely coordinate and transport last-mile delivery, globally. Our experienced staff is also well versed in any customs matters.

Husbandry Agency Service Agreement

With a Service Agreement, you get direct access to our global network – covering 2 200 ports – through your dedicated point of contact serving you from the same country (or region) as your own office. Our Global Agents will be your first point of contact for any potential service needs you may have globally, and our staff will focus on cost and time-efficient solutions on your behalf.


Simply put, we are where you are, whenever you need us.


Streamlined and efficient

Get a running start on your cost savings effort, with immediate effects from our service agreement.

Our online portal provides a comprehensive overview of all your port calls worldwide. Electronic Disbursement Accounts allow for paperless DA handling, and since no hardcopy DA is sent by courier, savings up to USD100 can be made per call.

Experience, fewer, safer, and more efficient cash transactions: Use a single bank account for all your pre-funding and balance settlements, for all your port calls worldwide. You can have a float account to reduce the number of cash transactions drastically, saving up to USD 70 per port call in efficiency gains on cash transactions.

We offer clearly described services, and prices per service rendered. The price is always the same when we deliver the same services in the same port – you know exactly what you are charged for and get no unpleasant surprises. With a Husbandry service agreement, you can save up to 30% in charged agency-related fees.

[L] Bunker Call Agency

Total efficiency for all your bunkering calls. With your vessels trading throughout the world, we know that you want every bunker call to occur without a hiccup.

[M] Protecting Agency

Your eyes and ears in port: the best way to be hands-on from far away 

We offer a protective agency both for shipowners (OPA) and charterers/cargo owners (CPA) to supervise the counterparty’s agent throughout the port call. As protective agents, we ensure that your interests are well taken care of. This helps you avoid any conflict of interest that may arise with many stakeholders involved in a port call.


  • Having a protective agent represent you is most critical under these circumstances: 
  • Unfamiliar or uncomfortable with the nominated agent
  • Uncharted territories
  • A complex governmental regime combined with high, non-transparent costs

Local regulations allow only State Agent

[N] Launch Services

[O] Dry Docking Support

Predictable and hassle-free
solution for dry dockings – we deliver standardized and efficient ships agency services to ensure your dry docking requirements and schedules are met, avoiding delays and minimizing unexpected costs.

Choosing a reliable agent is key to optimizing the process and avoiding conflicting interests between the yard and ship owner. The scope of work involved in a dry-docking is complex and involves liaising with various parties – the shipping agent has to establish good relations with the relevant Dry-docks. In addition, a shipping agent has to liaise with all the concerned authorities, suppliers, and service providers, well before vessel arrival to ensure smooth operations.

Providing attention to detail every step of the way We meet your needs through one simple solution and one single point of contact:

  • Consistent quality, availability, and pricing
  • Clear and continuous communication
  • Transparent cost control and thorough follow-up
  • No administrative hassles –we are on time and in control


During pre-arrival planning, we draw out the scope of the dry-docking process with you.





During your arrival at the port, we set a work plan of action for your dry docking.

03-Dry Docking

During the dry docking process at the dock, coordination and communication are absolutely critical.





During your departure from the dock, we arrange all agency services to ensure your safe departure.




05-Evaluation after a dry-docking period

We will always:

  1. Hold evaluation meeting with agent and superintendent after completion of dry-docking
  2. Resolve uncertainties and answer any questions that have arisen
  3. Identify areas for improvement

[P] FSO/FPSO Support

GEO Thailand offers an extensive range of services to FSOs (Floating Storage & Offloading), FPSOs (Floating Production Storage & Offloading) and any oil & gas related vessels.

In addition to agency services in arranging port calls or service off port limits with the local authorities, our husbandry services cover crew handling and welfare, assembly and delivery of stores and provisions, local/international procurement as well as chartering of supply tugs and logistics support in inward and outward clearance. As a leading service provider in this field, we have an established track record in handling such vessels.


Ship & Offshore Services

Ship Management

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