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[A] Ship Services

A.1 Ship repairs

GEO provides marine engineering experts to share best practices in safe and responsible operations and will provide well-informed independent technical information to ship owners, encouraging the development of practical solutions and fit-for-purpose regulations including updates to SOLAS, safety standards, and design arrangements.

A.2 Cleaning services

GEO provides solutions to make your vessels clean and compliant - we work constantly to make sure our cleaning chemicals and equipment meet the highest safety requirements and have the least environmental impact. It’s all about minimizing the risks while maximizing efficiency.

   Our solutions cover the full spectrum of essential cleaning and maintenance tasks on board. But we don’t simply supply high-quality products. In every case, our cleaning solutions are backed up by dedicated, single-point customer service, technical support and advice, and a worldwide logistics network that ensures you get the products you need at any time.

A.3 Fumigation services

We perform fumigation services – including the treatment of cargoes loaded into sea-going vessels, barges, and containers – in ports and logistics centers worldwide. Accordingly, these services comply with stringent national and international legislation, best practices, and globally agreed on quality and safety standards.

A.4 Engine maintenance services

   GEO offers Qualities, reliable performance, and mobility of our company has been recognized also by specialists in ship repair and building, for which over time we became a strategic partner.

   The company mainly specializes in the repair of various types of diesel engines, as well as other engine room and deck equipment. Our employees can be found on ships berthed in ports and shipyards around the world and during trips. We are also present in the shipyards of the world, where we carry out tasks on behalf of those yards.

   The strategy focuses on the continuous development of the company and above all the development of employee skills and perception of its needs, it allows us to build a robust and harmonious team of people, which is essential to ensure the success of the company. shipyards around the world and during trips. We are also present in the shipyards of the world, where we carry out tasks on behalf of those yards.

A.5 Radio Department

A shipboard radio station includes all the transmitting and receiving equipment installed aboard a ship for communications afloat. Depending on the size, purpose, or destination of a ship, its radio station must meet certain requirements established by law or treaty. For example, large passenger or cargo ships that travel on the open sea are required by the Communications Act and by international agreements to be equipped with a radio station for long-distance radio communications. Small passenger ships that travel along the coast may only need to communicate at a shorter range with coast stations. These are examples of "compulsory ships" because they are required or compelled by treaty or statute to be equipped with specified telecommunications equipment.

A.6 Safety equipment inspection

Independent and accurate ship inspection services at reach Quality service delivery is the hallmark of success in our business. We are committed to delivering bespoke inspection services with purpose-built reports through a web access portal within a short turnaround time.


Our ship inspections are made to assess the conditions for all vessel types appointed by owners, buyers, sellers, managers, banks, brokers, financial institutions, fund houses, and investors. ve


Our key services

We are ready to be deployed to any location to undertake the ship inspections on board. 

Pre-purchase, Pre-sale, and Asset Condition Inspections

Internal Audits and HSEQ Visits

EEXI and CII Compliance requirements and calculation

Navigation Audits with BCA & V

Professional assessment

A full operational assessment of the vessel’s systems and machinery will be carried out if permitted including a review of key events, dry dock history, planning, and details of the preventative maintenance system if made available. 

Our teams work under strict HSEQ Group policies and while on board will adapt to the vessel SMS requirements. Intrinsically safe cameras will be used as permitted and possible.

Robust reporting tool

All data and reports are transparent and easily disseminated on our web-based platform 24/7 through your own private access. Results are always delivered with clarity and supported by pictures in respect of your need for timely and accurate inspection reports.  

Our intuitive web-based platform delivers projects securely to be viewed with password access on any device, with about 1000 plus pictures, categorized and arranged like a walkthrough of the ship.

The reports are designed to be narrative and of professional grade with easy navigation and empowering you with decision-making intelligence. 

“Quality and accuracy at your fingertips”

[B] Sector Focus / Vessel packages

B.1 Offshore solution

B.1.1 Offshore support

Offshore operations need strong support – at sea, onshore, and alongside. With decades of experience in the world’s main oil and gas producing regions, Geo has the know-how and equipment needed to make sure even the biggest jobs go as planned.

Our services include transportation of construction materials and crew, delivery of supplies and provisions, emergency response, and more. We also provide advice and documentation to facilitate the import and reexport of specialized marine equipment such as rigs, platforms and support vessels, drilling tools, machinery, ship spares, and more.

As an advocate for safety and quality, GAC Thailand provides safe and incident-free operations in full compliance with stringent quality and Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) guidelines.

B.1.2 Rig Moving Operations 

A safe and smooth rig move takes serious muscle, meticulous planning, and solid expertise. A skilled rig mover like GAC has the resources and plenty of operational experience in handling both on- and off-shore rig moves.

An offshore rig move usually uses a lead good capacity tug coupled with one or more assisting tugs. Working with our reliable and curated partners, GEO  draws on a fleet of anchor handling and tow tugs, as well as other service crafts to support such operations in a safe and efficient manner.

B.2 Cruise solutions

Cruise operators are facing costly demands for compliance with emerging safety and environmental regulations, and are improving the operational efficiency of key systems onboard.

The safety of passengers and crew onboard cruise vessels and ferries is of the highest priority since the consequences of an accident are severe. With the industry’s commitment to reducing its impact on the environment, regulatory compliance is a critical factor. Additionally, with the rising cost of fuel, there is a focus on energy-saving solutions to improve operational efficiency and thereby reduce cost.

Do – What – Is – The Best 

Our solutions enable you to stay compliant with regulations, and keep your passengers safe and comfortable, whilst minimizing your environmental footprint.

With the peace of mind of tested and compliant solutions and a global support network, you can focus on your primary goal: your passengers’ safety, comfort, and overall experience. 


B.3 New build solutions

New-building processes can be both challenging and time-consuming. From brainstorming an idea to the actual ship design, from the first cutting of the steel plates to the delivery of a new ship, there are thousands of decisions to be made on a daily basis. With limited time, every party involved is working round the clock to make sure things are happening according to the timeline, regardless of whether you are a superintendent, procurement manager or technical manager at the shipyard.

B.4 Dry-docking

Predictable and hassle-free solution for dry-docking – we deliver agency and products as one dry docking solution. Our aim? Ensure your dry docking requirements and schedules are met, avoiding delays and minimizing unexpected costs.

[C] Marine Products

Gas & Cylinder Solutions

Wilhelmsen has supplied gas cylinders requested by the vessel within short notice and always goes the extra mile to satisfy our requirements. Great customer service and fast response to our inquiries. Our customer service contact provided exceptional service and was very professional – we really appreciate her effort and kindness.

Refrigeration solutions

We have suffered in the past from low-quality refrigerants with high moisture content. This has resulted in clogged and broken down systems and throwing away provisions due to high temperatures in the freezers. Low-quality refrigerants are not an option for us.


Integrating the range of Timm™ ropes into our extensive product network means we can provide you with the best rope availability in the market.

Welding & surface preparation

Safe welding, we believe, is effective welding, and effective welding leads to greater cost control – keeping downtime for repairs to an absolute minimum, and reducing the risks to crew, cargo and vessel.

Marine Specialty Lubricants

Offer customers greater access to environmentally-friendly high-performance specialty lubricants.

[D] Marine Chemicals

> Cleaning solutions <

Whether it’s tank and cargo hold cleaning, essential maintenance tasks in the engine room, or general cleaning of crew and galley areas, the job has to be done. But wherever there’s a cleaning task, there’s also an opportunity to contribute directly to the operating efficiency of the vessel. This comes not just from your cleaning regimes, but from the cleaning products, you use. That’s the mentality behind our enhanced range of cleaning products developed at our own chemical factory

> Water solutions <

Our water treatment product range is designed to protect your systems cost-effectively while meeting regulatory demands. With safety as our top priority, we supply dosing and measuring equipment for the safe handling of products, together with test kits for asset protection and cost control.

> Oil solutions <

It’s vital that fuel oil on ships is kept in prime condition, to keep engines running smoothly and efficiently, and to ensure full compliance with environmental and operational regulations.

[E] Product Catalogue




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